The Time is Now

Take Advantage of a Trillion Dollar Trend


Have you ever wished you’d known to purchase a high-flying stock at the first offering? Have you ever thought to yourself, “That idea is so simple, I could’ve thought of it – I could’ve made millions”?

Actually, it’s not necessary to invent a product or discover a new idea.

Today, one of the most rewarding opportunities lies in an industry that has been growing steadily for decades – but still hasn’t reached the majority of its market. In fact, its biggest growth is still anticipated.

“In this decade, an additional 1 trillion dollars annually of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the ‘wellness industry’ – providing healthy people products and services to make them feel even healthier, look better, slow down the effects of aging, or to prevent diseases from developing in the first place.”
– Paul Zane Pilzer
   Economist & Best Selling Author of The Next Trillion and The Wellness Revolution


In the coming years, one industry’s growth is expected to outstrip most others, based on its history as well as growth demand.

Today, the wellness industry is generating approximately $700 billion in revenue annually. Within the next decade, it will reach $1 trillion a year.


A growing global health crisis – created in part by poor nutrition. This problem isn’t limited to nations with short food supplies; it’s just as prevalent in industrialized nations that rely on convenient “fast foods” that fill bellies but don’t provide the protective nutrients that keep bodies healthy and thriving.

YOU are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this phenomenal growth.


The wellness industry has been gaining momentum over decades and is now poised on the brink of phenomenal growth due to a greater worldwide understanding of the value of good nutrition and taking care of one’s health.

GNLD has been at the leading edge of this trend since the ‘50s… and has the scientifically proven and published results to remain at the forefront for decades to come.

Millions of health conscious people are looking to maximize their energy, vitality and health – while delaying aging and avoiding disease.

Once the world’s most populous generation, baby boomers aren’t content to accept the status quo. They won’t be aging in a rocking chair. Vibrant and determined, they are seeking ways to maintain their active lifestyles and help them enjoy their golden years.

The wellness market is vast – and it has unlimited potential.

Gen Xers – those in their 30s and 40s – are now raising children, and looking for nutrition solutions that will give them the edge they need to keep up with their kids, maintain active social lives and create healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.

The largest generation ever, Gen Y, the 20-somethings are already focused on improved health through nutritional supplementation. This proactive generation is results-oriented and is looking for natural and effective solutions to prevent diseases before they develop.


People of every age need convenient, proven effective nutrition that will help establish and maintain health, as well as protect them from disease.

The good news is millions are recognizing they have this need.

The better news is there is a way YOU can meet this need, helping others and being well compensated for it.

The timing is right – YOU can be one of 3.6 million new millionaires!

Economist Paul Zane Pilzer predicts that an additional 3.6 million families will become millionaires over the next five years – many of them by working in the wellness industry.

Donald Trump, billionaire businessman and co-author of the book Why We Want You to Be Rich, writes this about the stability of a business model like GNLD’s: “[It] has proven to be a viable and rewarding source of income.”

The wellness industry is only beginning its phenomenal growth, yet the idea of using nutrition to create better health isn’t new.

When the founder of GNLD, Jerry Brassfield, was a child, his daily life was hampered by severe asthma and hay fever. During certain seasons, the threat of respiratory failure was so severe that he slept sitting up; his life was at risk during those seasons.

Without health insurance, finding medicines ineffective and facing a limited budget, Jerry’s mother researched alternatives. Armed with her newfound knowledge, she began supplementing Jerry’s diet with nutritional supplements – giving his body the building blocks needed to combat the diseases that threatened his life.

Today, many of the chronic diseases and conditions our population suffers from – obesity, diabetes, heart disease – are the result of improper diets. By filling in the nutritional gaps with supplements, these conditions can be helped, prevented and possibly even eliminated.

Excellent nutrition doesn’t come as easily in today’s society. While many countries face a food deficit, modernized countries face a different challenge.

In cultures such as ours, food supplies have become industrialized. Food is grown on vast corporate farms, harvested before the peak of nutrient development, then key nutrients are removed to extend shelf life, and they are processed and preserved for mass shipping and distribution across the country.

This industrialization of our food supply and our lifestyles drives people to make fast, convienient food choices that lack the nutrition our bodies need.

The result is a calorie-dense, nutrient-deficient diet that contributes to the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


The current generation is facing diseases earlier than their grandparents ever dreamed. Type II diabetes is on the rise in this population, as is heart disease and cancer. Research has shown these conditions are the result of poor nutrition and may be aggravated by our industrialized food supply.

GNLD provides supplementation that helps create better health globally – for nations short of food and for those with plenty of food but little nutrition.


Our healthcare industry has responded to the symptoms, conditions and diseases of decreased performance with an explosion of prescription medication.

These medications often compound the problem because they address the symptoms, not the causes, perpetuating and even fueling the situations by creating side effects and depleting the body of key nutrients which the healthcare industry then attempts to treat with further medications.


When costly prescription medicines didn’t alleviate Jerry Brassfield’s health problems, his mother turned to better nutrition. Her wellness solution was also a relief to the family’s budget, as each doctor’s visit was a financial burden.

Today, better nutrition remains a smarter approach – and nutritional supplements offer cost-effective performance to ensure optimal health is maintained.

Best of all, today’s supplements offer the convenience our industrialized society demands.

When Jerry became an adult, his personal experience had already built a strong belief in nutritional supplements as an exceptional resource for wellness, so he combined his passion for excellent nutrition with a plan to help families end their financial struggle.

The result is a company now known as GNLD. A company that is helping remedy the global health and nutrition crisis with whole-food, scientifically proven supplements.


GNLD’s approach to nutritional supplements is based in nature, backed by science.

They focus on creating supplements that address and fill in the gaps of what is missing from most diets. GNLD’s commitment to finding nutrition based in nature has made it the leader in whole-foods supplements.

For more than 50 years, GNLD has been at the forefront of nutrition technology. They have devotes millions of dollars to research and advancing the development of nutritional supplements.

Their results are enjoyed every day by people around the world, who now experience a better quality of life.


These products have been proven in the research lab, and in the lives of consumers. GNLD’s international business spans six continents, and their products are trusted around the world.

GNLD’s nutritional supplements have a history of proven results, which perfectly positions the company to be the premier source of nutritional supplementation as the wellness industry continues its phenomenal growth.

GNLD is simply the best choice for whole-food-based supplements.


From the beginning, financial empowerment has been important to the GNLD team, and it was clear that only one business model could bring that empowerment to as many as desired it.

A business model that:

·   Allows you to work from home

·   Gives you more time for friends and family

·   Eliminates your commute time

·   Lowers your fuel expenditures

·   Enables you to build the business at your own pace

·   Makes you your own boss

·   Creates income through sharing effective products

·   Provides an asset to be passed to the next generation


GNLD realizes that people don’t want to sell, but they’re willing to share. They don’t want to push, but they’re willing to recommend. They don’t want to memorize a speech about financial freedom, but they’re willing to pass along the message to help others.

The timing is perfect. A GNLD business is simple, effective and appealing. You can improve and maintain your health through excellent nutrition based in nature, backed by science.

Then you can build your financial future by sharing the opportunity with others. As more people join you in pursuit of their own financial and health freedom, you’ll become part of those who give others the chance to live the lives they dream of. You’ll be a part of a group of people empowering people.


A few decades ago, nutritional products were popular only among a dedicated few. Those who learned of the potency of GNLD’s excellent supplements became loyal consumers, but most of the population wasn’t consciously seeking superior nutritional supplements. Many simply took an over-the-counter multi-vitamin and assumed it would provide the nutrition they lacked.

Today, awareness of how whole-food supplements can improve our health is growing.

As consumers become more aware and more educated about nutrition, whole foods and the link between poor nutrition and disease, the demand for GNLD products is growing, too.


It’s said that “Timing is everything.”

The wellness industry is at the beginning of its growth.

GNLD’s commitment to this industry makes it one of the most respected companies in the world. Their trusted, scientifically proven nutritional supplements are available for you to share with an enormous population becoming more and more concerned with the global health crisis.

These people are on an urgent and dedicated quest for better health and disease prevention. They know they must find a way to supplement the nutrition from their diets.

A simple but incredibly profitable business is based on being the messenger of the GNLD message.

Getting started is quick and easy.

Sooner than you ever imagined, you can be part of the industry that will hit $1 trillion within the next decade. Don’t miss an opportunity that allows you to make an important investment in your future.






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