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Dogs and Cats Need Good Nutrition, Too!


Much like their human companions, dogs and cats are higher mammals with complex nutritional needs. They require a balance of proteins, lipids/sterols, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients for life, growth, and protection from illness and disease.



Again, like their human companions, pets may not always get all the nutrients they need. Grocery store and “generic” brand pet foods may not provide the highest-quality nutrition. Even “premium” pet foods vary in quality, despite their higher prices. Most important, your pets’ age, health, habits, and lifestyle can affect their nutrition even if you are doing your best to provide a complete and well-balanced diet!

Picky eaters. Pets, like people, have their preferences! Most pet owners have had at least one experience of Fluffy or Rover turning up their noses at dinner time.

Elderly pets. As cats and dogs grow older, their nutritional needs change. Even “senior” pet formulas may not meet your pet’s specific needs, particularly in light of the fact that different breeds “age” at very different rates.

Inactive pets. Despite our best intentions, our pets may not always get all the exercise they need. Lack of exercise may lead to obesity, and controlling calories may result in limiting the nutrient density and diversity of your pet’s daily diet. Sensible supplementation can provide the nutrients a pet needs without all the fat and calories of kibble or canned pet food.

Active animals. In contrast, some pets are highly active, and/or have higher-than-average nutritional needs due to dealing with cold or inclement weather when they are out at night or while their owners are at work. Even a regular diet of high-quality food may not meet all their nutritional needs.

Successful beggars. With the best of intentions (and understandable weakness in the face of soulful, pleading eyes!), many owners feed their pets leftovers from the dinner table. As a steady diet, scraps do not provide complete, balanced nutrition. Even as a treat, human food can trigger digestive upset which compromises nutritional absorption.



Whenever we take a pet into our household, we take responsibility for its health and well-being. In addition to providing shelter, love and companionship, food, water, and medical care, we have the ability to optimize their health, happiness, and longevity by providing optimal nutrition, for life!



As with all of GNLD’s products, Pet-Pal started with a close look at nature. After reviewing current literature and research on the dietary needs of dogs and cats, an optimum nutrients profile was developed and potencies were determined. Using this as a guide, raw materials were evaluated for purity, potency, and natural sourcing.


Unlike many pet supplements on the market, the basic ingredients in Pet-Pal are high-quality protein, carbohydrate, and desiccated liver. This not only provides a solid nutritional foundation, but contributes to the palatability and “chewability” of the tablets. Owners agree: most pets consider their daily Pet-Pal a special treat!


To further build toward the optimum nutrient profile and potencies, natural malt, yeast, lecithin, and calcium are added, establishing a broad-based nutrient value.


To complete the formula and achieve optimum nutrient levels in terms of potency, other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, are added. The result is the finest pet supplement available, providing nutrients and potencies in a complete format not found in other formulations.